Animal in an attic – Westport, CT

An Animal in an attic in Westport, CT. We received a call from this customer in Westport, CT saying that she can hear loud sounds in her attic. Once we got to her house and inspected we for lots of raccoon prints on the ground and going up the gutters. We also inspected the gable vent where the animal had entered and found hair fibers belonging to a raccoon. We went inside and inspected the attic only to find a raccoon nestled up inside the insulation.

The customer was uncertain how long the raccoon had been living inside of the attic because she travels for work quite frequently, we were able to determine it was for quite sometime that the raccoon had been living in the attic. There was several piles of fecal matter all over the attic and even the insulation was soiled.

We were able to remove the raccoon. Once we did that we explained to the customer how important it was to rip out the insulation and clean the flooring and beams of all the fecal matter with disinfectants and deodorizers. It is important because another animal will smell those pheromones and want to get inside. If not cleaned properly it can be a recurring problem.

Also the gable vent needed to be replaced because the raccoon bent it so much, and the “screening” that was behind the gable vent needed to be changed to wire mesh . Screening is too flimsy and can be easily ripped or chewed by an animal to get inside the attic.

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