Attic Cleanup – New Canaan, CT

Attic clean up – New Canaan, CT. This job was a big clean up of bat and squirrel debris and fecal matter.
When you have soiled areas in an attic caused by wildlife it is very unhealthy to breathe in.
It can cause lots of heath problems, one of many being respiratory issues.

This particular attic clean up in New Canaan, CT was causing the homeowners health problems due to fecal matter blowing through the heating ducts.

We did a thorough inspection and found that the attic had bat and squirrel activity. To prevent any more sickness we did a cleanup of the attic using hazmat suits, hepa vacs and disinfectants. It is very important once animal activity is found to act quickly on getting it cleaned up and removed professional and properly so that no one gets sick and so that the animals do not return.

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