Attic infested with Bat Guano in Stamford Ct

Attic Infested with Bat Guano – Stamford, CT

An attic in Stamford, CT infested with bats and loads of bat guano.
The customer called us when his tenant had a bat inside of her apartment.
Our technician went out and first inspected the outside of the vinyl house and saw many openings, which is common with vinyl homes. There was also evidence of squirrel activity, which the home owner tried to repair and close up himself.

When our technician went up inside the attic bat dropping poured out of the push up door leading into the attic. There was so much guano or droppings that our technician couldn’t fully get into the attic. There were glue traps that must have been for a mice problem as well and inside the glue traps were about 6 dead brown bats.

This is what we consider a big problem. The attic is infested with bat guano and bats and is an extreme health hazard that needs to be addressed asap.

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