Bat Exclusion and Prevention in Weston, CT

Bat exclusion and prevention in Weston, CT. This customer had a brown bat in her bedroom and she was petrified. She had us come and remove the bat and wanted us to come back to do a full inspection. When we inspected the interior and exterior of her home we found bat guano inside the attic and along the perimeter of the exterior of the home.

Once we started looking around we found bats hiding inside of the eves and gable vents around the home. Inside of the attic the bats were tunneled inside of the insulation and also hanging on the screening covering the interior part of the gable vent.

To eliminate the bats inside of the attic and the ability for them to get inside of the living space bat exclusion and prevention are the measures that have to be taken. Using bat cones or screening to act as a one way door , meaning  the bats can exit the home but cannot reenter is the most effective way to get rid of bats.

Once the bats are out sealing and closing up any areas or opening that they can fit into so that they cannot reenter is done. Once the sealing is complete cleaning and vacuuming is done to remove any guano that is in the attic space or even on the outside of the home. Bat guano carries many diseases and can be harmful to your health if disturbed.

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