Bat Proofing & Mice Prevention – Ridgefield, CT

Bat Proofing & Mice Prevention – Ridgefield, CT

This home in Ridgefield, CT has been experiencing noises in the attic and walls. Upon inspection we found a mixture of bat and mice droppings. Openings around the top portion of the home where the bats are using to get in and out. They only need a 1/4 of an inch to get in.

The bottom portion of the home also has large openings 1/4 and some a lot bigger. these type of areas are how the mice enter. With the cold winter months coming the mice are looking for a home. As well as the bats are looking for an attic to roost in for the winter months.

Bat Proofing & mice prevention are the only ways to help cut down the mice and teach the bats to go elsewhere.

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