Bat Removal Season in Connecticut

Can you believe it’s already the end of summer? And it is bat season again here in Fairfield County. Did you know back-to-school season comes at the height of Bat Removal Season in Connecticut? If you do experience a bat in your home be sure to keep an eye on it and call us right away.  203-855-1888

The species of bats Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC deals with most often is the Big and Little Brown Bat. The first thing these bats do everyday is find a water source, before they begin feeding on insects such as flies, moths and mosquitoes. They do not fly in rainy or unseasonably cold weather.

The Big and Little Brown Bat has excellent homing instincts, and bats will start living in your home if access points are not eliminated. As Big and Little Brown Bats are often carriers of rabies and histoplasmosis, any taking up residence in your home must be removed. They’ll access your home’s attic through roof lines, dormer tie-ins, ridge caps, vents and eaves, and piles of bat guano are normally found under any of their commonly used access points.

Exclusion is the only way to deal with any bat encounters. and Complete exclusion can be done from late August through early November when the young are strong enough to fly, or later in April through early May after the bats first wake up from the winter and before their young are born. As bats are protected, all exclusion techniques cause no harm to them, simply ensuring their access to your home is restricted.

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