Bat wanting to take a shower in Westport, CT

Bat wanting to take a shower in Westport, CT was caught by Gray Brothers Wildlife. The homeowner saw the bat fly by her headed right for the bathroom. She was able to seclude the bat to that room by closing the door and stuffing a towel under the door. She called her local police department who referred her to us. Bats are very good for the environment and eat tons of bugs.

Mosquitoes and similar “people” pests are eliminated much more efficiently by bats than by birds or expensive bug zappers. Bats get a bad mane sometimes people believe that they get caught in their hair when swooping down low. In all reality, bats do not get caught in people’s hair. Bats that swoop near people are usually after insects such as mosquitoes. A single little brown bat can eat 1200 mosquitoes in an hour.

Bats are furred, warm-blooded mammals with body lengths of 3 to 6 inches and wingspans ranging from 8 to 16 inches. The bones in a bat’s wing are similar to those in human arms and hands. The fingers are extended and connected by leathery, elastic skin that grows from the sides of a bat’s body. Their thumbs are free from the wing membrane and have claws for grasping.

Bats have good eyesight and rely on vision for long-distance orientation. For short-distance navigation and catching food at night, they use echolocation. This sonar system helps bats, like dolphins, locate targets and background objects from the echoes of ultrasonic sounds. These ultrasonic sounds are given slowly when a bat is foraging and quicken as the bat pursues and captures an insect. Detection, pursuit and capture of an insect take about 1 second.


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