Birds Nest Removal – Norwalk, CT

Birds nest removal in Norwalk, CT; there were about 3 birds nesting in the homeowners garage, because he would sometimes forget to close the garage and by doing that he invited the birds in to make a home.

He started having a lot of bugs around the garage and even getting into the home that’s when he knew he needed to take action and get rid of the birds and the nesting material.

Bird are sometimes infected by the parasitic blowfly (Protocalliphora sialia), which prefers cavity-nesting birds. The cycle of this parasite begins when the adult female blowfly lays eggs in the nesting material. When the eggs hatch, the larvae attach themselves to the nestlings at night and suck their blood. When gorged sufficiently, the larvae burrow back into the nesting material, surrounding themselves with a flexible membrane to resemble a small brown egg. This is the pupal stage. In 10 to 14 days, adult blowflies emerge from the pupal case, or puparia, and fly away to repeat the cycle.

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