Birds in Vent Inspection – Fairfield, CT

Birds in Vent Inspection – Fairfield, CT

A home in Fairfield, CT was hearing noises every time they would turn the fan on in their bathroom. After over a week of the same noise they went out side and saw big black birds with yellow beaks (also known as, Starlings) flying in and out of the bathroom vent.

The louver on the vent had broken off on the last wind storm, that is how the birds were able to enter. This is often a common thing when dealing with birds.

Making sure that the problem gets addressed properly is the only way to solve it. Otherwise it will continue to be a problem and potentially other wildlife could try to enter.

Not only should the vent be replaces, but it should be properly cleaned of all nesting and debris and disinfected to avoid any bird mites or parasites and re-entry.

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