Brown Bat Removal – Stamford, CT

A brown bat removal job in Stamford, CT had the homeowner extremely startled when she woke up to a brown bat flying around her bedroom. She dint know whether to hit it with something, open a window or call 911. She said out of all of her years living in Stamford she never once saw a bat that close.

We went out and removed the bat for her and educated her on what to do and what not to do if you ever have a bat it the home.

1. Never open a window or door and let it fly out on its own.
2. Never hit it, you could damage the brain and it wont be able to be tested for rabies if needed.
3. Always try and seclude the bat to a room as best as possible.
4. Always try and stuff a towel under the door and watch it carefully.
5. always call us immediately and we will come out 24/7

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