Coyote Den Under Shed – Stamford, CT

Coyote Den Under Shed – Stamford, CT

A coyote den located under a shed in Stamford, CT has made the homeowners very nervous to have coyotes so close to their house and so close to where their children play.

Most likely the coyotes are just looking for a place to have their pups.
In Connecticut, the breeding season is from January to March, and the gestation period is about 63 days. Although adults can dig their own dens, they often enlarge an abandoned woodchuck or fox burrow. Pups are born in spring and litters range in size from 1 to as many as 12 pups; the average in Connecticut is 7.

It is very important to educate yourself, family and friends about coyotes, the dangers and preventatives as we co-exist with them.
You shouldn’t allow pets to run free, keeping cats indoors, particularly at night, and small dogs on a leash or under close supervision at all times. Try not to let young children to play outside unsupervised, and educate older children to be aware of their surroundings. Especially in more wooded areas. Though time, place and environment doesn’t necessarily matter. Some precautions to take include: installation of a kennel or coyote-proof fencing is a long-term solution for protecting pets. A variety of livestock fencing and small animal pen designs can protect farm animals.
Make sure to NEVER feed coyotes or leave food out for any mammals.

Try and keep bird feeding to a minimum, if not at all because that invites all wildlife providing a food source. As well as pet foods, and fallen fruit. Secure garbage and compost in animal proof containers.
Always walk dogs on a leash. If approached by a coyote while walking your dog, keep the dog under control and calmly leave the area. DO NOT run or turn your back. Coyotes are territorial and many reports of bold coyotes visiting yards, howling, or threatening larger dogs can often be attributed to this territorial behavior.
Attempt to frighten away coyotes by making loud noises and acting aggressively. Be aware of any coyote behaving abnormally or exhibiting unusually bold behavior and report these incidents to police and/or animal control.

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