Dead Deer Removal – Fairfield, CT

Dead deer removal in Fairfield, CT. This deer was struck by a car and eventually died in this customers front yard. As you can see in the picture above that the coyotes got to the deer before the customer was able to call us for removal.

A collision between a deer and a vehicle, especially at high speeds, can be dangerous and costly. The frequency and distribution of deer-vehicle accidents, along with many other indices, are used by the DEP Wildlife Division to identify areas where deer populations may be too high.

When a state, local, or DEP law enforcement officer responds to the scene of a deer-vehicle accident and observes a dead deer, a Deer Kill Incident Report is completed and submitted to the Wildlife Division. The Division uses DKIRs to keep track of how many deer are killed by vehicles along Connecticut roadways. Reports of deer-vehicle accidents have continued to climb, from just over 500 in 1975 to around 3,000 in 2000. Recent reports indicate that the number of roadkilled deer has remained relatively stable.

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