Dead Deer Removal From New Canaan, CT

Dead deer removal from New Canaan, CT. This particular job the deer was hit by an automobile and then died in the woods of the homeowners back yard. They didn’t notice it at first until the dead smell was coming into the house and the turkey vultures started circling it.

We often get calls for dead deer removal from lawns, patios and on other areas of properties where deer has died. Deer can sometimes be large animals and very hard to remove. Deer here in Connecticut often weigh several hundred pounds.  Dead deer removal is often complicated by local municipalities and state laws concerning deer and the removal,  which would need to be professionally removed.

It is not uncommon for deer to occasionally wander into a yard and die. This usually happens when a hunter wounds a deer, but fails to kill it. The deer will survive for a time, wandering around and eventually straying into a residential yard where it will die. Deer become disabled and die for many different reasons one of the main reasons that a deer may be dead in your yard is it is fairly likely the deer has been struck by a automobile. Automobile strikes are the most common causes of deer death in the United States. It is estimated that deer calls over $40 million of vehicle damage each year according to the national board of insurance claims. When a deer is struck by a automobile the majority of the time the deer suffers from internal injury which causes internal bleeding so in many instances a beer will travel a fair amount of distance from the actual impact point before it dies. The deer will often lie down in a secluded quiet spot and attempt to mend itself. This is the spot that ultimately the deer dies in.

Most do not think of deer as a nuisance wildlife pest; that is, until some deer get into the yard and start destroying crops, landscaping, orchards and gardens. and of course if it is injured or sick and dies on the property.


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