Emergency Brown Bat Removal – Danbury, CT

Emergency Brown Bat Removal – Danbury, CT
This emergency brown bat removal in Danbury, CT came from a townhouse complex that is experiencing a very big bat problem throughout the entire complex. Once the bats come they move around to different areas of the home to fine the perfect spot. Unless bat proofing is done to eliminate the problem the same bats will keep returning and/or hibernate in the attic.

There have been studies done on bats being relocated over 100 miles away and the same bats will keep returning to the same spot. They are very intelligent creatures. Brown bats live in three different roosting sites. Day roosts, night roost and hibernation roosts. Bats use day and night roosts during spring, summer, and fall while hibernacula are used in winter. Day roosts are usually found in buildings or trees, under rocks or wood piles and sometimes in caves. Nursery roosts are found in both natural hollows and in buildings. Nursery roosts have also been found under the sheet metal roofs of trappers’ caches and attics of buildings. Night roosts tend to be in the same buildings as day roosts, but these roosts tend to be in different spots that are more constrained and the bats pack together for warmth.

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