Emergency Brown Bat Removal – Greenwich, CT

Emergency Brown Bat Removal in Greenwich, CT. The customers woke up to a brown bat flying around their bedroom. Though it is not common for you to hear the bats flying over you, it is common if they are in a confined space; like a bedroom to hear them landing on things.

Brown bats are the most common bat found in Connecticut. Bats can easily enter into a home through an open door, window, attic, chimney, etc. What most people don’t realize is that bats can fit through 1/4 in. and sometimes smaller. They are able to get under siding/shingles, rake boards, roof edges, etc.

Once the bats find their way in that now becomes their home too. The will roost in the attic and comeback and forth. In the winter they will lay dormant in the attic, and will sometimes find their way into the main living spaces when the heat is cranked up. When that happens it causes the bats to get confused and they come out of semi-hibernation and trickle down where the heat is.

The only real way to help eliminate the bats from hanging on or in your home is to “train” them not to. What that means is you have to exclude them from the house and close up all gaps that they can fit through and prevent them from reentering.

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