Emergency Flying Squirrel Removal – Weston, CT

Emergency Flying Squirrel Removal in Weston, CT. Flying squirrels have soft, gray-brown fur on the back and sides, with white underparts, a flattened tail and large, dark eyes for night vision. This flying squirrel was able to glide into the home through an open screen on the window. The homeowner felt something land on her bed while she was sleeping and did not see it at first because its fur blended into the blanket. Then it started gliding around the room and landed on a lamp. She was able to seclude the squirrel and gave us a call to come remove it.

Flying squirrels are harmless critters all they love to do is glide around and depending on the air current, flying squirrels may glide 150 feet or more from a height of 60 feet. They can turn easily at right angles while gliding and control the direction of their glide by tensing and turning their legs and body and flapping their tail. As a flying squirrel approaches its landing, the squirrel flips its tail up and holds its body back to slow the glide down, giving the squirrel ample time to position its feet for grasping the tree trunk. Flying squirrels usually land face up and often run up the tree immediately after landing.

Flying squirrels are active year-round, are highly sociable, and will feed and den together, especially during periods of harsh weather. There are even reports of flying squirrels denning with other animals, including screech owls and bats. When feeding on tree nuts, they will characteristically make one opening in the shell to extract the meat. In contrast, other squirrels and chipmunks break the nuts into many pieces to obtain the meat. They store food for winter use in den trees or underground.

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