Emergency Pigeon Removal – Fairfield, CT

An emergency pigeon removal from a home in Fairfield, CT. The homeowner called us saying she had 2 birds flying around her home. When we arrived we found 2 pigeons flying around her family room. We were able to catch them using a net and took them away and relocated them to a different area.

Pigeons can be a nuisance, especially around roosting sites. Their acidic feces eat away gutters and other metal structures, erode stone buildings, and burn lawns. Pigeon droppings are also known to harbor a variety of diseases and parasites, and large accumulations may present a human health hazard. Pigeons often prefer to use the interior portions of buildings to nest and roost if an opportunity for access is provided.

It is important to make sure all doors and windows remain closed to make sure no pigeons, birds or wildlife can access inside of the home. Also making sure that all vents are capped properly.

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