Emergency Raccoon Removal – Darien, CT

Emergency Raccoon Removal in Darien, CT; the homeowners came home to find their garage and pantry area ransacked by a huge raccoon. They called us to come remove him, we determined that the raccoon entered through a garage window that had been broken and never properly fixed.

A lot of people think that if something is broken on their homes and ts not the biggest deal the let it “wait”. As time goes by, the “little” things on your home that you thought could “wait” end up inviting wildlife critters into your home.

Raccoons when they get into your living space can cause the most damage, they are bigger animals and have hands and fingers that work just like ours. They tear apart everything and can cause hundreds to thousand or even more worth of damage.

So it is very important to tidy up and carpentry, missing or broken siding, shingles, etc. to prevent or eliminate any wildlife from entering your home.

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