Emergency Snake Removal in Redding, CT

Emergency snake removal in Redding, CT. This snake got into the home in Redding, CT and the homeowner was startled and gave us a call to promptly come remove it. She wasn’t sure it it was harmful or poisonous. A lot of Connecticut residence are unsure about the poisonous and harmful snakes we have around here.

The two venomous snake species found in Connecticut, the timber rattlesnake and the copperhead, do not have widespread distributions. These venomous snakes, along with the other 12 Connecticut snake species, are not aggressive and will only bite if threatened or handled. If left alone, snakes pose no threat to people.

Human persecution of snakes is rampant (even in Connecticut), particularly against venomous snakes. Many snakes are killed, regardless of whether or not they are venomous, because people tend to have an irrational fear of these creatures.

Their body temperature changes with the temperature around them. A snake will bask in the sun to warm up or it will take refuge in a cool, shady spot when the weather is hot. In colder environments, snakes will brumate during winter. Unlike hibernation when animals are asleep, brumating animals are awake but inactive.


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