Flying Squirrel Removal- Weston, CT

We caught a flying squirrel in Weston, CT climbing a tree that he uses to access the roof where he has made his home inside of an attic at this customers house.
Many people don’t even know we have flying squirrels here in CT. My customer was too in denial. Here’s a little bit of info in case you are unsure of what a flying squirrel is; flying squirrels have soft, gray-brown fur on the back and sides, with white underparts, a flattened tail and large, dark eyes for night vision. The northern flying squirrel is slightly darker and redder than the southern flying squirrel. The loose folds of skin between the front and hind legs of these squirrels enables them to “fly;” they actually glide through the air on the stretched surface of this loose skin.

Flying squirrels are nocturnal and usually only come out at night, but it is common to see one during the day like this. sometimes they will forage out to feed, especially nursing mothers.

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