Flying Squirrels

Flying Squirrels caught by Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC out of a home in Fairfield, CT.

Flying squirrels have soft, gray-brown fur on the back and sides, with white underparts, a flattened tail and large, dark eyes for night vision. The northern flying squirrel is slightly darker and redder than the southern flying squirrel. The loose folds of skin between the front and hind legs of these squirrels enables them to “fly;” they actually glide through the air on the stretched surface of this loose skin.

The southern flying squirrel is found from southern Canada south to southern Florida, west to Minnesota and eastern Texas. The northern flying squirrel is found from southeastern Alaska and northern Canada south to Tennessee and west to the Pacific coast.

Flying squirrels are active year-round, are highly sociable, and will feed and den together, especially during periods of harsh weather. There are even reports of flying squirrels denning with other animals, including screech owls and bats.

When feeding on tree nuts, they will characteristically make one opening in the shell to extract the meat. In contrast, other squirrels and chipmunks break the nuts into many pieces to obtain the meat. They store food for winter use in den trees or underground

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