Garter Snake Trapping – Darien, CT

Garter Snake Trapping in Darien, CT; this snake was removed from the basement. This particular job had an over abundance of garter snakes on the property. The garter snakes were burrowing in the yard and mulch, which is common. The customer said that she often would get them inside of her basement, garage and even inside the house, she decided it was time to cut the population down.

The garter snake, also called the common garter snake, is a smallish snake with a dark brown, brown or olive green body. The body can be flecked with white or light splotches and 3 light yellow stripes run the length of its body. Its belly is yellowish to greenish to yellow-brown. These snakes can be 16 to 41 inches long.

Garter snakes range through most of the US. They are not found in the southwest except in California. They inhabit the southern edge of Canada. They are found all over Connecticut and are the state’s most common snake.Garter snakes live in a wide variety of habitats including moist areas, vacant lots, forest edges, farmlands and residential yards.

Garter snakes are actively foraging during the daytime. They hibernate over the winter and can den in burrows, rock crevices or under buildings, below the frost line. They often den communally and share winter dens with other garter snakes and with other snake species such as Dekay’s brownsnakes, redbelly snakes and smooth greensnakes.

Garter snakes eat earthworms, salamanders, frogs, toads, and small fish. They swallow their prey whole. Garter snakes will try to avoid humans. They may produce musk and defecate when cornered and can bite if cornered or handled. Their bite is not particularly painful. They are not venomous. Garter snakes are most often confused with the eastern ribbonsnakes.

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