Gray Squirrel Removal From a Finished Basement in Stamford, CT

Gray Squirrel removal from a finished basement in Stamford, CT. This gray squirrel was able to chew through some rotted wood around a basement window an get inside. He cause a lot of damage to the furnished basement. It is important to properly replace any rotted wood around your home to prevent and potential critters from getting inside the home and causing excess damage. A lot of times home owners neglect rotted wood because of expense issues, which is understandable to an extent. But letting it go longer than you should can leave you spending double to triple the amount or more. If a hole is big enough for a squirrel to get in and that is left unattended it is easy access for a bigger animal like a raccoon to rip the hole open even bigger and get inside.

When a gray squirrel or any animal gets inside the home for that matter they can cause a lot of damage not only from the outside but once they get inside as well. It can be chewed wires, soiled insulation or damages valuables of the homeowners.

In this particular case the squirrel was in the basement for over 5 days due to the homeowners being on vacation. They came back to a huge mess. Chewed furniture, fecal matter everywhere, the squirrel scratched and chewed at the walls and doors looking for a way out. A disaster to come back from vacation to.

Just from one hole the size of a golf ball was neglected these homeowners were forced to spend thousands and thousands of dollars not only for the carpentry on the exterior of the home, but they had to pay to properly and professionally clean the fecal matter on their carpets, walls, couches etc. They had to buy new end tables and coffee table for the family room that they had in the basement. The gray squirrel also chewed through their television wires and light fixtures, they are very luck that the gray squirrel didn’t start a fire chewing on these wires. The gray squirrel also clawed and scratched at the walls, windows and doors. Which all had to have trim replaced, compound, paint etc. A very big and pricey process.

So the next time you see any carpentry that needs to be done on the exterior of your home and you think its going to cost you too much money think about the money it could cost you in the long run if you leave it unattended and a critter gets inside and causes more damage than it would cost you to have the carpentry done.


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