Inspection of Woodpecker Damage – Fairfield, CT

Inspection of Woodpecker Damage – Fairfield, CT

This job was an inspection of woodpecker damage at a home in Fairfield, CT. It showed several holes caused by the woodpeckers pecking at the siding on the home.

The homeowner tried to fix the problem his self, but unfortunately was unsuccessful in doing so.
Many times there is an underlying bug issue that needs to be addressed by an exterminator.

While other times it is just a ruthless woodpecker who in the end causes several thousands of dollars worth of damage to the siding, trim, etc. To try and deter the woodpeckers away from the home several different deterrent measures need to be done. Sometimes if that doesn’t work a permit needs to be filed with the state and the woodpecker needs to be euthanized.

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