Mother Raccoon and Kit Removal – Stratford, CT

Mother Raccoon and Kit Removal in Stratford, CT

This job in Stratford, CT was a raccoon living in the attic of an apartment and after days and days of trapping nothing was coming out we decided to go a little further and try and take a look in the next door’s apartment inside their attic we found a mother raccoon and 6 kits.

It is generally a very common thing to find during breeding season is mother raccoons up high inside of attics, on top of roofs and inside chimneys trying to give birth and care for their young.

Mother raccoons keep their young up high to keep them away from other predators and especially male raccoons. After the male and female mate they go on their separate ways. Male raccoons are known for killing their own young. Hence why you will find mother and babies high up away from the males.

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