Multi-Catch Squirrel Trapping in Fairfield, CT

Multi-catch squirrel trapping in Fairfield, CT, the home owner had a squirrel problem 2-3 times before, they called us to have us trap for them this time. We attached a multi-catch trap to the hole on the house. We caught 8 squirrels out of this job. We then cleaned and disinfected the inside the hole and attic area.

It is very important once you have an animal enter your home to make sure that the area and/or space is cleaned properly. If the area is not cleaned and disinfected properly, you will have a reoccurring issue every year and possibly more then once a year. When the pheromone or sent is left behind it is important to get rid of it so other animals don’t smell it and want to get inside.

These tree-dwelling rodents are agile climbers and jumpers. They have keen senses of sight, smell, and hearing and are alert, nervous and wary, especially on the ground. When danger is near, they quickly retreat to the safety of the trees. Gray squirrels are somewhat sociable and can tolerate other squirrels nearby.

The gray squirrel is active year-round but needs tree cavities for shelter during harsh weather. A lot of the time squirrels find their way into homes where they make residence for the winter.

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