Multi Catch Squirrel Trapping – Weston, CT

Multi Catch Squirrel Trapping – Weston, CT. Multi catch squirrel trapping is a trapping method used when the squirrel makes holes in the home leading to the attic/inside. The trap allows the squirrel to exit the home and not able to get back in. This is the most effective way of trapping that we use for squirrels.

Squirrel season is approaching in full force they will be breeding soon and having their babies and will look for any warm, safe and comfortable spot to do so. mainly attics. warm home, safe environment and nice nesting material, which is usually your insulation.

Once they get in it is impossible to get them out, unless you do it the proper and professional way. Cleaning debris, replacing the insulation and disinfecting their pheromones. If not the squirrels will return every year 2-3 times a year.

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