Opossum Removal in Easton CT

Opossum removal in Easton, CT, the opossum was living under the deck. The homeowner became alarmed when she would let her dog out at night and was scared that the opossum would tangle with the dog. Although when frightened opossums will bare their 50 sharp teeth and hiss or growl. However, they would rather avoid confrontation and be left alone. Being non-aggressive, opossums readily retreat to trees, brush piles, or other available cover when pursued by humans or predators. A common defense mechanism is feigning death, or “playing possum,” when cornered or threatened. Some predators may think the opossum is dead and go away.

The homeowner still did want the opossum removed because she believed it was living under her deck, we set traps with special lure and bait to catch the opossum. Once the opossum was removed we found that the opossum had taken over an old woodchuck den that was located under the deck. Often it is very common for opossums and other animals to do so. Opossums will also use, cavities in trees, trash heaps, rock piles, brush piles, or buildings for shelter. They do not hibernate in winter, but will usually “hole up” during cold, adverse weather. In Connecticut, opossums can suffer from frostbite and may be missing the tips of their ears and tails.

Opossums are adaptable and will live wherever food, water, and shelter exist. They inhabit woodland areas along streams, ponds, lakes, swamps, and marshes. Farmland and woodlots are preferred over extensively forested areas. Opossums also are commonly found living in residential areas, making their homes in backyards and under sheds and other outbuildings. Opossum is both a scavenger and an omnivore which feeds primarily at night. It uses its keen sense of smell to find food. The diet consists mainly of insects, worms, carrion (dead animals), reptiles, amphibians, birds and their eggs, crustaceans, berries, fruits, and small mammals.
It is important to secure any food attractants that would welcome in a opossum or any wildlife for that matter. Bring pet food in at night. Keep garbage covered and in a secure area. Pick up fallen fruit from under fruit trees. Protect gardens with fencing.

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