Raccoon Removal in Gable Vent – Norwalk, CT

Raccoon Removal in Gable Vent – Norwalk, CT

This home in Norwalk, CT shows you how trying to solve a wildlife issue yourself isn’t the answer. This homeowner had over 5 raccoons living in her attic. She trapped them herself had her neighbor help her screen up the vent. Not only did it not work, it ended up costing her more money in the long run. The raccoons came back and ripped apart her gable vent even more to get back inside nd because she had to spend money to hire us, a professional company, but she also had to pay for us to clean and disinfect the area and replace all of the overly soiled insulation. We also had to repair the gable vent.

What most homeowners who try to “do it yourself” don’t really understand how much goes along with wildlife removal. The first step is removing the animal. The next step is cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing the area that the animal was living in and replacing the insulation. The last step is installing wire mesh material and replacing any broken or rotted wood. All of this helps prevent any other animals from trying to get inside again.

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