Raccoon Removal From The Roof – Norwalk, CT

Raccoon Removal From The Roof – Norwalk, CT

This raccoon Removal in Norwalk, CT actually stated as a squirrel trapping job.
The customer contacted us to inspect the home for squirrels we found holes all around the house, we started the job right away and put traps up where we needed to. The next morning we came back to check the traps for squirrels and noticed there was a visitor sniffing around our traps on the roof.

Sure enough it was a huge raccoon that had been living on the other side of the roof for quite some time, we could tell because of the amount of fecal matter in one area and debris that it had pulled up.

We the set a trap for the raccoon because, one having a raccoon living on your roof is asking for trouble, the fecal matter is very dangerous to be just left around and could cause potential health risks.

In this industry of work you just never know what you are going to encounter at a job, one job could always turn into 2.

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