Raccoon Rips Open Roof – Riverside, CT

Raccoon Rips Open Roof – Riverside, CT

A raccoon in Riverside, CT ripped opened a customers roof to get inside the attic space. When we arrived to the home the raccoon was no longer there. We did a proper cleaning around the attic and sprayed and disinfected the area to get rid of any smell and/ or sent left by the raccoon. We had to replace plywood, flashing and several shingles.

We set several raccoon traps in hoping to catch the one that did this and remove it so that the raccoon doesn’t try and rip open the roof in another area or find another way in.

What most people don’t realize is that raccoons can use their hands the way that we can. They are extremely strong. They are able to pick things up and walk away with them, rip open things like a roof, sometimes even when there is no rotted wood and get an fit into small areas.

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