Raccoon Trapping on a roof in Norwalk, CT

This was a special type of raccoon trapping that was done on a roof in Norwalk, CT. The Raccoons were in a tight cavity inside of the attic that was not accessible, so in that case the trapping needed to be done on the roof with specialty traps going over the hole. Once the first one was caught we replace the trap with another and caught a second raccoon.

After the trapping was done we had to try and clean and disinfect the area to get rid of all the pheromones the raccoons left behind, so that future animals do not try to reenter the home.

This all started by an area in the roof that had rotten plywood underneath and the shingles where starting to lift and buckle, that is fair game to any wildlife, but especially raccoons since they are able to use their paws as “hands” and climb and pry open things. The raccoons were able to climb up a tree right next to the house with its limps hanging over the house and climb on to the roof. The raccoons then found the weak spot on the roof and made their way inside.

Not only is it important to make sure that your house doesn’t have rotted wood, or shingles, etc. for animals to find their way in. But that you do not have any trees that are too close to the house and if you do that you have them cut back. Having trees hanging over the house is also an easy access for animals to climb onto the house and find any weak sports or rotted wood that you may have not noticed. That is when you have animals getting into your house and causing damage.

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