Exclusion & Prevention

Exclusion & Prevention

There are many different types of exclusions such as installing one way doors, setting live traps inside and outside of the dwelling, installing chimney caps, dryer vents, plumbing vents, wire vents, screening, and wire mesh. Carpentry, copper mesh and insulation, along with fencing, deck and shed wildlife proofing are also used. We do whatever is necessary to keep wildlife from entering any weak point in or around the dwelling. Once we determine the problem, we will choose the best exclusion option that will fix the situation including:


Rodents who enter your plumbing stacks find that once they are in, they cannot get back out. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC will use galvanized hardware cloth to screen your plumbing stacks to prevent rodents from entering.


Wildlife can very easily enter your attic through louver vents. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC will install a subtle screen to close off this entry point. This screen is aesthetically pleasing and will look as if it belongs on the home.


Any construction gaps in your home are prime access for rodents and other small wildlife. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC will inspect and seal off these entry points.


Soffit vents have a tendency to rot, and the screens are very lightweight, making it easy for wildlife to penetrate your home. We will install an aluminum soffit vent to rectify this problem and a ¼ inch wire mesh over it.


Most animals love the warmth provided by the dryer and they will find your dryer vents a wonderful place to live. In addition, dryer vents provide easy access to your home. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC will install a bird and pest guard to prevent these wildlife from taking up residence in your dryer vent.


It is easy for wildlife to get into your home through the chimney, but the animals often find that they are unable to get back out the same way they came in. Once the wildlife has been removed, Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC will install a chimney cap to prevent further entry.


Birds love to nest in your roof vents, and if a raccoon is particularly eager, it will rip the vent off your roof to get into your attic. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC will install a roof vent guard to prevent this from happening.


The screen that comes with the fan on your roof can be easily pushed in by raccoons, squirrels, and other wildlife. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC will install a stainless steel roof vent guard over the fan.


Birds commonly nest in exhaust vents, Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC will screen them to prevent further entry.


Wildlife commonly take residence underneath your deck or patio. Installing a barrier wall will solve this problem.


Gaps in the roof are easy access for rats, birds, squirrels, and other small wildlife. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC will seal these gaps to prevent entry.


Rats and mice commonly enter your home through foundation vents. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC will screen these vents, making it impossible for rodents to enter.


Fencing designed and installed specifically to protect your plants, property and health from nuisance deer.