Skunk Den – Wilton, CT

An old woodchuck hole, turned into a skunk den in Wilton, CT. Many times old woodchuck holes get taken over by different animals. Groundhogs & Skunks prefer to live in ‘edge habitat’ where development meets field or
forest. They particularly like neighborhoods with woods behind them, or living near a park, golf
course, agricultural field.

Skunks do not hibernate but they do ‘lay low’ during extremely cold
temperatures. They have been known to stay in their den sleeping for up to 7
days straight when it gets too cold to venture out.

Skunks are lazy. Instead of digging their own burrows, they will often choose a
groundhog den to hole up in for the winter. During this time, the groundhog is
hibernating. When spring comes, the groundhog realizes that he/she has a new,
slightly stinky roommate and usually, the groundhog moves out thereby handing
the ‘house keys’ over to the skunks.

Skunks are normally not aggressive either. However, a skunk does not back down when approached. Skunks will
stomp their feet at you, lift up their tail as a warning, and charge towards you. They do not intend to come close
enough to touch you, but this tactic of acting tough is nothing more than their version of ‘the best defense is a strong
offense’. Walk backwards or turn around and go the other direction, let the skunk calm down and walk away, and
everything will be fine.

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