Skunk Removal in Wilton, CT

This skunk removal in Wilton, CT turned out to be a dead skunk removal. The homeowner said that he kept smelling a strong skunk smell and thought there was a skunk living under his garage/carport. When we arrived we inspected the the area, but did not see any evidence that pointed to the skunk living underneath. We decided to just take a look inside the garage and carport area. We found the skunk inside of a woodpile he had in the corner it did not look dead at first until we got closer and saw that the skunk must have tried to go inside if the wood pile, but the wood fell and crushed its head. When that happened it caused the skunk to spray and eventually die.

It is important not to leave the garage or basement doors open and easily accesible for skunks or other wildlife. Ofter skunks and/or other wildlife wander into these areas smelling food or garbage. Signs of skunks include their tracks, droppings, and evidence of their digging. A musky odor is another sign of their presence. A persistent smell and freshly excavated soil next to a hole under a house or woodpile indicates that a skunk may have taken up residence.

Skunks do not have good eye sight so it is very easy for them to get confused and wander into areas where the become trapped and cannot get back out. Skunks  will often approach people who are standing still. If this happens, slowly move away from the approaching skunk. Skunks  are mild-tempered, mostly nocturnal, and will defend themselves only when cornered or attacked. Even when other animals or people are in close proximity, skunks will ignore the intruders unless they are disturbed, but because of their poor eyesight they sometimes mistake a “predator” and spray older skunks are more mature when it comes to spraying, but the younger skunks are more immature and more likely to spray at anything that comes their way.

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