Skunk Trapping – Ridgefield, CT

Skunk trapping in Ridgefield, CT; this is 1 of the possible 2 skunks living on her property. They have made a burrow under her deck. Once we trap the skunks and remove them, we are going to to deck prevention for her. Which ,means closing up under the deck with wire mesh to prevent any wildlife from getting under and making residence on the property.

It is very important just like maintaining your home, to maintain and wildlife access points. Under decks, sheds and even houses. If there is an area big enough for an animal to access you want to professionally close it up to avoid any issues in the future. Skunks don’t see very well and have a tendency of falling into window wells, window well covers are also a very important “wildlife preventative”.

Some of the most common sources of wildlife problems experienced by Connecticut homeowners is Skunks, here are some of the problems that they cause. Skunks are god diggers and will dig up lawns and gardens searching for insect larvae and grubs. They leave cone-shaped, divet-like holes, three to four inches in diameter and may also turn over larger pieces of sod. Controlling lawn grubs may reduce skunk damage to lawns. Eggs of ground nesting birds will also be eaten if encountered by skunks. Skunks will raid garbage cans for a variety of food scraps. Garbage cans should have tight-fitting lids and should be inaccessible to wild animals, for example storing garbage cans in the garage, shed, garbage storage bins usually prevent them from being ransacked by wildlife.

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