Snake Removal – Redding, CT

Snake removal – Redding, CT. This home had over 50 garter snakes living in the basement. Garter snakes are a very common snake that is found here in Connecticut. The mostly live in the garden areas but can also find its way into the home like any wildlife can. It is important to close up and areas that snakes can enter through, as well as wildlife in general.

Snakes have a variety of ways to sense their environment. They can see, but use their tongues to “smell” and find food. The Jacobson’s organ, located in the roof of the mouth, enables snakes to identify prey as well as other snakes and animals that may want to prey on them. Snakes do not have external ears, but they can detect vibrations to help locate prey.

Pit vipers, a type of snake, use special nerve endings in their skin to detect the body heat of prey animals. The only pit vipers found in Connecticut are the northern copperhead and timber rattlesnake. These snakes have a cavity on each side of the head located between the nostril and the eye that contain a pit organ. The organs alert the snakes to the presence of nearby prey animals.

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