Squirrel Removal Inspection – Bridgeport, CT

Squirrel Removal Inspection – Bridgeport, CT

This squirrel removal inspection in Bridgeport, CT showed many holes and openings where squirrels had entered through a ton of rotted wood and made residence inside of the attic space.

This particular squirrel removal inspection had only damage to the left side of the home. There were several over hanging trees which is quick access for the squirrels to get onto the roof.

The biggest problem that this customer made was trying to “fix” the problem his self. He tried to close up the holes and repair them so that the squirrels wouldn’t come inside again. The problem with that is that squirrels are ruthless and will chew 10 plus more holes trying to get back inside. Once their pheromone is inside unless it is properly cleaned wildlife will continue to try and enter.

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