Wildlife Prevention – Fairfield County, CT

Wildlife Prevention in Fairfield County, CT is very important to do, sometimes when you don’t even have an issue yet. Wildlife prevention can be done in several types of ways. First is always make sure you trim the trees around your home. Leaving trees hanging over your home or too close to the home is easy access for animals to climb on and start looking for a way in.

Another wildlife prevention you can take is, checking any rotten, broken, or missing wood, etc. around the home. When there is wood that can be easily chewed, pecked or ripped open is always good to fix so that your not inviting any wildlife inside.

Last, but not least is remove any food source outside of your home that would be inviting to wildlife. This is a big wildlife prevention tip that we highly stress to all of our customers. Providing a food source for wildlife will only make the comfortable to want to stay. That can be anything from outside pet food bowls, to open garbage cans. Even feeling the birds. All of those invite wildlife in. Keep your trash cans locked up, bring in pet food bowls at night and feed the birds as far away from the house as possible.

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