Woodchuck Removal in Westport CT

Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC doing a woodchuck removal in Westport, CT. Woodchucks are famously known for their digging and tunneling ability…and that is just what this woodchuck was up to in Westport, CT. The customer saw him popping up all over her garden and eating her plants, prompting her to call us for woodchuck removal.

Here is a quick bio on woodchucks found her in Connecticut:

Woodchucks, also commonly called Groundhogs, are a type of marmot common in Connecticut. They have red-brown to black-brown fur with white hairs mixed in. Their bodies are chunky and they have a bushy, flattish tail 3 to 6 inches long. They have the prominent incisors common to rodents. The claws on their feet are long and curved, adapted for digging. They weigh 4 to 14 lbs.

Open woodlands, forest edges, farm pastures, meadows, brushy areas, fields, suburban yards/gardens, and grassy highway rights-of-way and utility corridors all provide habitat for woodchucks. These animals also are well-adapted to living in human-dominated landscapes, such as residential areas with mixed woodland cover. Woodchucks feed on succulent plants, such as clover, alfalfa, dandelion, herbs, grasses, and garden crops. They also eat tree leaves, buds, bark, twigs, fruits, and newly-planted flowers.

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