Woodpecker Damage – Stamford, CT

Woodpecker damage in Stamford,CT. It is the season for woodpeckers. This home had thousands of dollars worth of holes in the siding, trim and shutters caused by woodpeckers. Not only are woodpeckers loud when the drum acting as a built-in alarm clock, but the amount of damage that they can cause by pecking holes in your home is devastating to the homeowners.

There are different scare tactics that can be used to deter the woodpeckers away from your home. It is also important to not feed the birds or any wildlife for that matter. It invites them to come closer to your home when you are providing a food source. A lot of people enjoy looking at the birds, that’s fine, but you should try and feed them as far away fro the house as possible.

Sometimes when woodpeckers are causing damage by pecking at the house is because there is an underlying bug issue, it is the best recommended and important to have an exterminator come out and assess the property and home to see if that is where the issue is coming from.

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