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While removing wildlife from your attic is likely the top thing on your mind, the animals using your home for shelter may have left behind significant damage. Animals love sheltered areas with relatively clean and undisturbed spaces, meaning that several species may make their way up to your attic. If you’ve faced invading wildlife within your attic, you likely understand just how damaging these animals can be to your product. To learn more information about the animals in your attic visit at

As such, Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC offers attic restoration services, designed around returning your attic to the way it was before. Our team of professionals is ready to get to work for you, moving to restore your attic and prevent any wildlife from entering it again. After all, once your attic has been used as shelter by invading animals, hazardous items such as urine, droppings, parasites, bacteria, and fungi can be left behind. 

In addition to the obvious health risks these items leave for you, they also hold the potential to destroy parts of your attic. Insulation is particularly susceptible to left-behind hazards, although even the wood within attics can be damaged from fungi, acid, and more. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC’s attic restoration services are used to restore or replace damaged parts of your attic insulation back to their original condition.

Our attic restoration service is extensive, involving both the cleaning and sanitation of your attic, as well as repairing and fixing your attic to its previous condition. While removing animals is our most common service, our final goal is restoring your property to the way it was before. This involves not only controlling, removing, and relocating animals, but also restoring the parts of your property we can.

Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC is built from a team of qualified professionals who will work to repair and restore your attic. We’ll take care of the difficult and dirty work, disinfecting and repairing what we’re able to. A standard attic restoration visit may involve:

  • Providing You with a Plan or Strategy
  • Removing Wildlife
  • Clearing Animal Feces and Waste
  • Disinfecting Your Attic
  • Repair Damages or Replacing Insulation
  • Reviewing Other Potential Fixes

Following an invasion of your attic, there’s potentially quite a lot of damage. Hazardous waste, remaining animals, residual items, lasting damage, missing insulation, scratches, there’s quite a lot. At Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC, we know how to take care of these issues, one at a time. Depending on the severity and type of damage your attic has sustained, your specific pricing and solution may change.

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While some infestations leave behind just dropping and a few scratches, other infestations may leave wood rot, insulation issues, or holes in your attic. No matter the damage, we’ll take care of the issues, using both our expert team and potentially referring you to some of our affiliated restoration specialists. From scrubbing and vacuuming to replacing insulation and removing scratches, Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC is prepared to get to work.

It’s important to take attic damage seriously, as well. As we’ve mentioned, the potential hazards, both physical and biological, can cause serious harm to you or your property. Many diseases can be left behind by invasive wildlife, and these issues can be incredibly dangerous. Only with the right tools, chemicals, and techniques can you effectively and entirely remove issues and restore an attic. That’s on top of the additional risk of potentially letting in other wildlife if you don’t move to solve an attic issue quick enough.

With over 28 years in the industry, we understand the intricacies of removing wildlife and cleaning up after them. Our team also understands how frustrating one of these situations may seem, with you needing to have removal, cleaning, and restoration. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC works with the latest in technology and techniques to make our services, both removal, and restoration, as seamless and noninvasive as possible.

As such, Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC is ready to get to work for you! We provide attic restoration services throughout the larger Norwalk area, continuing our 28 years of serving the properties of Connecticut. We’re prepared to take care of your wildlife issues, from questions to attic restoration, and our team is only a phone call or message away! We’re more than happy to help you if you need it!

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