Humane Wildlife Trapping

Trapping is one of the most effective and humane ways to easily capture and remove wildlife from a property. At Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC, we believe utilizing humane traps in an effective but gentle way is a great path towards carefully removing invading wildlife. After all, most animals can be easily trapped or caged without causing any damage to them.

Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC is proud to offer humane wildlife services throughout Norwalk and Connecticut as a whole, and we’re ready to work to trap wildlife humanely and carefully. Most invasive wildlife, after all, can be trapped. Our services utilize humane traps, designed around preventing injury or harm to an animal. 

There are several types of traps utilized in wildlife control and removal, including foothold traps, body traps, glue traps, cage traps, and several more. Our trapping services focus on providing removal with cage traps. As these don’t harm or injure the animal in any form, they are oftentimes the most humane and sparing traps. Even still, there is quite a bit to do before our team traps an animal.

Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC operates strictly underneath Connecticut Fish and Game Department laws and regulations, in addition to the euthanasia guidelines presented by the American Veterinary Medical Association. As such, our team is certified to set live traps to be maintained within 24 hours. Under state laws, Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC is licensed to humanely trap and relocate wildlife when possible.

Our services are designed heavily around these laws and regulations, meaning that we strive heavily for the most humane and careful trapping available within the greater Norwalk, Connecticut area. We follow all the most humane wildlife trapping and removal techniques found on With over 28 years of experience, our team of professionals knows how to accurately and carefully set up live traps to enclose and remove wildlife.

Without proper precautions or the right tools, traps can prove dangerous to an animal, in addition to often warning them of immediate removal. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC provides trapping services designed around securely and efficiently removing wildlife, without putting them in danger or alerting them to the trap. We take our time, observing the habitat and habits of invasive wildlife to accurately trap them in under 24 hours. As we follow all Connecticut Game and Wildlife laws and regulations, we’re determined to safely trap just your troublesome wildlife. 

While our trapping methods depend entirely on the animal, its size, and its habitat, most servicing visits have similar procedures. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC utilizes consistently humane and brief trapping to help prevent the invading wildlife from becoming distraught or aggressive. Even still, there is still a bit of variance between different visits.

In a standard humane trapping visit, we’ll investigate and identify the animals invading your property. After we determine their entrances, habits, and characteristics, we’ll inform you of our plan to trap the animals. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC always provides a complete outline of our planned techniques, informing you of what our team plans to do to trap the animal.

Generally, after locating the animal and determining its habits, we’ll have a professional set up a cage trap close to the entrance of the animal’s habitat within your property. With a 24-hour timeline to maintain the trap, there are usually several key moments in which the wildlife may leave its habitat to be trapped. In these scenarios, we then remove the animal from your property to be relocated.

Thanks to the security of a cage trap, we can oftentimes take our time to find a suitable habitat for an invasive animal, if we haven’t already. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC believes in suitably relocating an animal, meaning that we’ll safely cage an animal to be removed. Afterward, we’ll move to find it a suitable habitat, both sustainable for the animal, and far enough from your property.

In addition to trapping and relocation, Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC offers additional services involving disinfection, removing odors, prevention, and more. We believe that trapping and removing invasive wildlife is only part of a complete job, and we’ll gladly move to restore your property to the way it was before.

If you’re dealing with troublesome wildlife, feel free to contact Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC. We’ll gladly take care of your issue, moving to remove and relocate wildlife quickly and humanely. Our team is certified and licensed to live trap and relocate an animal’s habitat, and we’re more than willing and ready to get to work for you! Just give us a call at 203-855-1888, or send us a message, and we’ll gladly take care of your wildlife problems!

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