Decontamination and Odor Removal

Alongside removing and relocating pesky wildlife, Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC will finish a control job, decontaminating and removing odors from your property. Invasive wildlife causes damage in many ways, including both physically and biologically. That’s why we offer services to decontaminate and remove odors from your property, left behind from invasive wild animals.

While physical damage and the potential for bodily harm is usually the first thing that comes to mind when wild animals are involved, they’re only part of the situation. Getting rid of wild animals is only the first step to keeping you safe, after all. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC offers services to not only control, remove, and relocate wild animals, but also clean up after them, keeping both you and/or your family safe. Remember, the mess that invading animals leave behind is more than just a nuisance.

Decontamination and Odor Control Image

Most animals pose some form of biological or chemical risk to you and your property, whether from acidic droppings, parasites, or viruses, each of which is incredibly hard to take care of. We understand that removing a troublesome animal is likely your top priority, although it’s sometimes even more important to decontaminate and remove chemical issues.

Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC has over 28 years of experience in dealing with wildlife, and we’ll bring the knowledge and tools to safely clean up. Invading animals may have a harmless goal in seeking safety or shelter, but they bring contamination and damages along with them. Our team, while out on a call for you, will remove traces of hair, feces, urine, blood, oils, and more. Each of these residuals has the potential to cause harm to you or your property, so it’s important to have a professional team take care of it for you.

Alongside removing dangerous items, we’ll also work to remove more nuisance-heavy tasks. While the harmful aspects of what invasive animals have left behind are oftentimes more important, cleaning up odors and stenches is useful as well. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC employs the best in sanitation and odor removal techniques, utilizing non-harmful chemicals, cleaning methods, and materials.

A call’s decontamination and odor removal task may start with looking back through your property for any residual signs of an invasive pest. We’ll move to safely and carefully remove any surrounding structures to clean, afterward sanitizing and cleaning them off. Our team then cleans up after this step, reviewing the area once again to ensure everything is up to par.

We use the newest technology to clean your property safely and effectively, focusing on removing viruses, fungi, parasites, diseases, and more. In addition, our restoration and prevention techniques will work to prevent any future biological risks.

At Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC, we understand that getting an invasive animal out of your hair is the first thing on your mind, so we work to make sure our decontamination and odor removal services are safe and out of your way. We’ll work with you to get an understanding of what needs to be done, informing you along the way on how to keep yourself protected in the future.

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