Inspection & Identification

At Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC, we build our services around your specific wildlife problem to offer you the best solution possible. As such, accurately inspecting and identifying your wildlife issue is a major part of our process. From visual wildlife sights and sounds to harder-to-spot little entry spots and claw marks, there’s quite a lot to consider building the best service.

Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll send a professional to arrive on your property and begin a site inspection. In a standard inspection, we’ll begin with the obvious. Whether you know much about the wildlife infesting your property or not, our team will move to look for the most obvious signs of an infestation. This might involve visual sightings of an animal, easily findable holes or entrances, or even animal droppings.

Alongside locating obvious signs of an animal, we’ll have a few easy questions for you, if you know anything about the infestation. These might include questions such as: “what have you seen, or smelled?” or “how long have you faced with this issue?” Anything assists to identify any issues to be taken care of. While it’s useful to have information from you, it’s not required. If you’re not sure about it, that’s perfectly fine. We’ll still take care of investigating and inspecting your property.

Whether we find any obvious signs, or you have any useful hints, we’ll likely resort to additional inspection. In this case, our team will move to look for the more nuanced aspects of an infestation. As infestations generally result from wildlife’s need for shelter, water, or food, there are quite a few potential areas to inspect. After all, it’s not surprising that an invading animal will hide in small spaces to survive.

Our team uses state of the art technology to inspect and identify intruding animals on your property, utilizing certified drones, FLIR thermal imaging, and certified aerial boom lifts. Through this technology, we can investigate more efficiently, safely, and with more accuracy. We’re not afraid to investigate every potential hiding space, and Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC has the tools and knowledge to do so effectively and safely.

Through our strategies, we’ll locate the problem area, usually starting with the invading animal’s habitat. Depending on what’s found on your property, our professional team can find out what’s infesting your property if you haven’t confirmed already. Usually, this step consists of identifying the animal from its habitat. There’s still a chance it could include locating unique odors, droppings, urine, entry spaces, claw or track marks, hair, or more. This information makes determining the animal quite easy, although it depends entirely on the situation.

After a general inspection is completed, usually after the invading animal’s habitat has been located, we’ll review your options and a general plan. As with every removal or inspection call, we’ll walk you through our process to remove the wildlife, safely and humanely. After we’ve determined which animal we believe to be causing your infestation, we’ll explain our plan to solve this problem, in addition to preventing it from occurring again.

Our team will also provide you with a detailed written estimate or contract as to what we’re going to do to solve the problem (or what we’d recommend being done). In addition, it’ll include the final cost total, information on potential hazards, and lethal/non-lethal information required by the state of Connecticut. Afterward, we’ll get to work when you’re ready, removing your wildlife issue and protecting you from future infestations.


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