Chipmunk Removal from a home in Fairfield, CT

Chipmunk removal from a home in Fairfield, CT. This customer knew that she had an over abundance of chipmunks in her yard. The chipmunks were eating her garden and flower bulbs. One got into her house and she couldn’t get him out. She called us and we were able to catch him with a net, we also set her up for a chipmunk trapping program.

Chipmunks are most active in the early morning and late afternoon. Although they can climb trees, they spend most of their lives on the ground or underground in burrows that may reach 30 feet long and 3 feet deep. These burrow systems include nesting chambers and storage rooms for nuts and seeds that provide chipmunks with food throughout the winter. The burrow entrance usually measures two inches in diameter. Chipmunks remove the fresh dirt from the opening to avoid being conspicuous to predators. They fiercely guard their territory from other chipmunks.

When chipmunks feed on plants and fungi, they help disperse the seeds of these organisms. Burrowing by chipmunks also may help aerate and recycle soil.

Although chipmunks do not cause serious agricultural damage, they can be a nuisance in the garden where they eat flower bulbs, fruits, seeds, and seedlings. They also may cause structural damage by digging under patios, porch stairs, walls, or foundations. There are several exclusion and landscape modifications that can eliminate the damage done from chipmunks. Also doing a trapping program is also beneficial to weed out the population.

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