Dead Wildlife Removal

While we strive for humane removal and relocation for any wildlife on your property, sometimes it’s too late. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC offers dead wildlife removal services, to ensure that you and your property are kept safe and clean. We understand it can be very stressful to find any dead wildlife in your home or on your property, so we’re here to help!

Our team will arrive on the scene to remove the deceased wildlife and remove any residual traces of the animal. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC’s dead wildlife services are very coherent with the strict guidelines set forth by the Connecticut Fish and Game Department, in addition to the AVMA’s euthanasia guidelines. Whether you contact us to request dead wildlife removal, or discover deceased animals during a service visit, we’ll take care of it for you.

Alongside the potential damage and biological hazards an invading animal can bring to your property, there is the obvious risk of the animal dying on your property. While most infestations result in a growing population of an animal, there’s always a chance that the animal underestimated their surroundings or overestimated its chance for living. In these cases, invading wildlife can die on your property, resulting in a disturbing situation.

There is also the chance of a situation unrelated to an infestation. Some large animals may wander onto your property and die, oftentimes from human-related incidents. Of course, most incidents happen from invading animals passing away while in an unusual habitat. In these scenarios, our team will arrive on the scene and get to work immediately.

While on-scene, we’ll move to investigate and determine what happened and how to remove the animal. Depending on the type of animal and its location, the complexity of removal can vary wildly. For example, external removal, say from an animal in your yard, may just consist of our team arriving and carefully removing the animal. Interior removal, on the other hand, may involve specialized technology usage and difficult maneuvers.

In the case of interior removal, we’ll look at what happened, and inform you of what service we can offer you. Our team will provide you with an estimate for removal services, in addition to an outline of what we’re planning to do. As most interior removals involve hard-to-reach places which may be hard to find, it may take our team a little while to locate the deceased animal. Depending on the location of the animal inside, our team may just remove the carcass or may need to remove part of a wall, using specialized equipment to locate the carcass. It’s very dependent on the situation and the animal.

No matter the situation, Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC will ensure the animal gets removed, following removal with cleaning services. As these carcasses often carry diseases or illnesses, our team will move to disinfect and remove any potential biohazards. On scene, we’ll go over the plan and methods we use in advance, informing you of any potential strategies. Disinfection and decontamination may involve cleaning solutions, additional removal, or more, although this also depends on the scenario.

Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC provides dead wildlife removal services within the greater Norwalk area, offering top tier, humane, removal, and control solutions. We offer services throughout several Connecticut cities within Fairfield County, New Haven County, and Litchfield County. We understand how difficult it can be dealing with dead wildlife, and so we’re ready to use our 28 years of experience and technology to help take care of the issue for you! Just give us a call or message us!

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