Moles & Voles Removal

Moles & Voles Removal

About moles & voles

Although they sound similar, moles and voles are completely different animals. Here’s how you can tell them apart.


Moles are in the same family as shrews and bats and are recognizable due to their long noses and small size. Unlike voles, moles don’t eat plants and prefer to gorge on insects. They’re especially adept at digging and have front feet that are shaped like paddles to make the process easier. Because they spend so much time in their underground tunnels, moles are almost entirely blind and don’t rely at all on their eyesight. Instead, they detect dark versus light and rely heavily on their other senses for survival.


Voles are rodents and look much more like mice than moles do. They have small ears and short tails. As we mentioned above, voles feed on a variety of plants and flowers and can be especially destructive to gardens and foliage. They especially love to eat flower bulbs. Voles typically prefer grassy areas that help protect them from predators like cats, owls, foxes, and snakes. If you have a cat at home, giving it protected access to your yard to hunt the voles can sometimes help to mitigate the problem. 

Mole & vole habits

Moles and voles are associated together as they’re both pests that wreak havoc on yards and gardens. Otherwise, the two don’t have very much in common. See the descriptions above for a better idea of the habits of each animal. 


Mole & vole damage

Both moles and voles can be destructive to yards and gardens. Moles are more likely to lead to large-scale damage due to their extensive digging and holes. If you have holes and strange, raised tunnels throughout your yard, you’re likely dealing with a mole. Voles, on the other hand, are more likely to eat vegetation in your garden and disrupt the plants in your yard. Here is a great resource to learn more about vole damage at


Our moles & voles removal process

We’ll begin our removal process with a thorough inspection of your space to identify the scope of the problem and whether we’re dealing with moles, voles, or both. Moles and voles can be especially challenging to get rid of, and we’ll assess each unique situation to decide whether the best course of action involves traps, natural or chemical deterrents, or something else altogether. At Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC, we’ll work with you to create a plan that works for your space.

Rest assured that our entire process is designed to be both effective and humane for the animal involved. Our state-of-the-art technology, including drones, field cameras, borescopes, and thermal imaging allows us to gain a more thorough understanding of the problem before we begin, helping to ensure success and a smooth process for everyone involved. From start to finish, we carefully follow all applicable laws and regulations that govern the mole and/or vole removal.