Recently we heard an animal making noises in our Chimney so we called Eric from Gray Brothers. He was able to come soon after I called and he was calm, insightful and fearless. He checked all the chimneys. He found large scratch marks in one of the chimneys and although the animal was not there at that time, he gave us a plan moving forward to keep the animal from coming in again. He was wonderful to work with and needless to say, I highly recommend Gray Brothers Wildlife moving forward. Everyone should have Eric on their Emergency list! Many thanks for your service.

Greenwich CT


I was just about to get in the shower and get ready for company, when I heard a crash. The cutest (big!) black and gray squirrel was flying across the living room from one window valance to the next, about 20 feet up – we have a contemporary home. If I tried to force him down, he just raced back across the valances in the other direction. No way could I reach him and I read he could jump at me if I scared him. I left the doors open for 3 hours (who knows what else came through the open doors) but he was not leaving.

I called several services and they either could not come for 2 or 3 hours, or I had to just leave a message. Prices were also very high. Then I found Gray Brothers Wildlife! They were great. Just coming back from another emergency job and got to me in about an hour. They caught the squirrel in 10 minutes without disturbing anything in my house. It wasn’t easy!
Gray Brothers Wildlife is a 5 star operation!

Berrin Snyder

We live in a condo community and recently experienced some very bad skunk odor. We discovered that the unit next to us had live skunks in their crawl space. Our neighbors were not in their condo during the winter so we contacted them and they gave us permission to hire someone to remove the skunks and the odor. It was recommended by our exterminator to hire Gray Brothers and we were amazed at their professionalism and expert knowledge. They arrived the same day we called them and were able to trap and remove 10 live skunks that same day! They returned the following day during winter storm Stella and checked to make sure that no more skunks were there, covered the opening where they had been coming in, and set 2 bombs to begin eliminating the odor. We were really grateful that they were able to solve our problem so quickly and efficiently. We would definitely recommend Gray Brothers Wildlife to anyone who has any problem with animals in or around their home.

Marjorie & Joseph P.

Marjorie & Joseph P.

We recently were awoken to a bat in our bedroom. After gathering ourselves we were able to get in touch with Eric of Gray Brothers. He quickly came out to our home and thoroughly searched the house and bedroom for the bat. After searching the bedroom and not being able to find the bat he came up with a plan to remove the few bats that were in our attic. As you can imagine this was a very stressful situation for my wife and I, considering we ha e two small children. Eric took the time to explain what we was going to do, and responded to our questions and concerns we had about or situation, and our list was very extensive. The information Eric provided us was calming and reassuring. Eric and his team were even able to stay late one evening and start the removal process ahead of schedule to give me and my family the piece of mind we needed to stay in the house. We would definitely recommend Gray Brothers to others, and can't thank Eric enough for helping us with bat situation and reassuring us that everything was going to work out.

Chris E.

Last year we were co-existing with a few woodchucks who used to hang out by our old barn. This spring the number of woodchucks probably tripled and new holes/burrows were popping up all around our stone walls and close to the house foundation. We knew we had a big problem but weren't sure what to do about it because friends and family had all told us that woodchucks were near impossible to trap. Still, looking for a humane alternative, I called Eric at Gray Brother's Wildlife. He was very straightforward about his approach/cost and patiently answered my many questions. Within 4 hours of setting the first traps, he had captured 2 kits! To try to minimize stress on the animals, I was checking the traps frequently and calling him to pick them up. Although only required to come every 24 hours, he or members of his team would respond quickly, retrieve them, and and then release them. In the end, six woodchucks were removed. I can look out my kitchen window for the first time in a few years and NOT see any of our former squatters. More importantly, we have prevented future damage to our property. Would I recommend Gray Brother's Wildlife? I already have. What did I say to all those naysayers? You hired the wrong people. My biggest regret is that I didn't call earlier.

Thanks again for everything!


I called Gray Brothers Wildlife last Thursday morning about a woodchuck that was destroying my garden. In no time at all, Eric arrived with his baited traps and in a few days, we had the woodchuck caught! I appreciate the super-quick response and the time he spent talking to me about proper garden fencing that could prevent another critter moving in. Great job, Eric!
Thanks again!

Lisa V.

I called several animal control people. One of the insect control people suggested I call Eric, from Gray Brothers Wildlife in Norwalk. They gave me great advice. Eric came with his bag of goodies and that same day, we had our critter ready to be relocated, humanly and safely. Thank-you Eric! Ben and Teresa in Stratford.

Ben L.

So it's a Saturday night and our very excitable cat has been oddly missing from the family room. Upon investigation it turns out that he is stalking some sort of live animal in the basement. We had had a broken window down there earlier that day and had already had to clean up the carpet from the remains of a poor murdered squirrel that Benny had gotten to without our knowing it. But we didn’t know that any wildlife remained down there.

Well needless to say, this situation could not last until morning. Benny would not be kept out of the basement and we weren't sure who was “visiting” us down there but we were unwilling to wait until morning to find out, and terrified that he would find his way into the rest of the house.

Thanks goodness for Eric and Gray Brothers! A Saturday evening call but his attitude was "no problem". He came promptly and within an hour our "visitor" had been relocated to a lovely new home outdoors. Eric got some exercise that night as the chipmunk was fleet of foot and very scared—but Eric towed the line and stayed until he had been caught and saved.

Thank you Eric and Gray Brothers for the excellent service and very much appreciated assistance! The chipmunk thanks you too.


Thanks again Eric..

Karen R

Karen R.

I have had the misfortune to have skunks invade my garage twice since Labor Day 2015. Yet, such misfortune turned into good fortune when I contacted Eric Gary for help to remove my new visitors.

Eric was prompt, efficient, and constant in his help. Removing skunks is not for the uninitiated. Eric was so sensitive to the need to trap them without harm to my house. He was very helpful and supportive that I knew eventually I would have my garage back with no unpleasant after effects.

I heartily encourage anyone who has unwanted wildlife visitors in their home to call Eric. He quelled my panic immediately and I knew he would get his man, or bat, or skunk. He is truly terrific at what he does!

D. M. Sims

After noticing that we had a woodchuck living under our front steps. I called Eric and he was very helpful…answered all my questions and told me exactly what he was going to do. It only two days and now woodchuck has a new home.

Thank you Eric!


I can't say enough positive things about Eric and his team. Gray Brothers was knowledgeable and very responsive. He was quick to remove the raccoon and with 2 little kids at home that was very important. I am so grateful I found him on the internet. Will absolutely recommend and use them again.

Wilton Resident

I got in touch with Eric regarding birds nesting in our attic and dryer vents. He came out the very same day I called to take a look at our situation. He had a plan on what to do immediately and we scheduled to take care of things 2 days later. Eric and his team actually came a day early which was welcome news for me and my wife.

Eric and his team did an excellent job in removing the birds nests and putting up preventative wire so that birds will never be nesting in these areas ever again. Great job and thank you so much for everything!

This is the man to contact if you are having any type of critter issues. Outstanding!


Eric is the person to call if you have an unwanted critter invading your home/garden. I’ve had a big problem with garden invasions, and I needed immediate assistance yesterday with getting a critter (in this case a skunk) out of my garden. I called early Saturday morning just minutes after I found the “break in,” and Eric’s quick response, professional advise, and expert action went way beyond my expectations. Thank you, Eric, for relieving me of this unwanted and dangerous situation…it makes such a difference to have someone handle these types of critter invasions who is an expert at what they do. Even after the business was taken care of, Eric took the time to educate me on how I can better secure certain areas of our backyard and change a few things around to discourage critter mingling. I’m so happy I found Gray Brothers Wildlife. Call then if you have a problem!


At our main office building, we had a situation with woodpeckers’ tapping on the side of the building. It wasn’t only that problem that caused us to call The Gray Brothers. The woodpeckers were also damaging the building’s wood siding at a rapid pace where we had to replace some of the wood siding.

We called The Gray Brothers who is a specialist and they assisted us with this problem. The Gray Brothers were on time, reliable and reasonable in prices. I am so delighted to have specialist like them in our community. I greatly appreciate Eric and his staff for their efficient service to us at Star, Inc.

Bill Casale

After struggling to rid my house of an unwelcome large bird for 24 hours, I finally called the Town PD to ask what I should do. They gave me the number for Gray Brothers and Eric said he would be at my house shortly. He was extremely pleasant on the phone which for a sunday evening was a nice surprise. While I waited I opened the front door, turned on the outside lights, and made one more attempt to get that bird out. No luck. Leaving the door open I went to m office to work. Well, needless to say, when Eric arrived there was no sign of the bird. He searched the area of the house thoroughly–twice. I was impressed with his calm demeanor and his lack of annoyance that he was on a phantom bird call. At this point I am assuming the bird decided to exit through the open door. Even though there was no bird rescue, I would not hesitate to call Gray Brother’s again. Such friendly service is not always the norm, and so much appreciated.


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