Rodent and Wildlife Removal in Connecticut

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Bat Removal  
 Raccoons  •  Squirrels    Skunk Removal    Woodchucks
 Snakes    Bird Removal    Moles/Voles    Rabbits    Chipmunks
 Prevention    Deer Fencing    Habitat Control    Humane Removal    Relocation of Wildlife

Special permits* for:
Coyotes    Foxes    Canadian Geese    Flying Squirrels

Fairfield, New Haven, and Litchfield Counties


Exclusion & Prevention
Exclusion & Prevention

Once we determine the problem, options will be given to insure exclusion and prevention of wildlife getting into your home.

Inspection & Identification
Inspection & Identification

Site inspections to determine the problem and options for the best solution possible to prevent recurrences.

Humane Removal / Relocation
Humane Removal / Relocation

Twenty eight years experience in humane wildlife removal and relocation, giving you long term solutions.

Dead Wildlife Removal
Dead Wildlife Removal

We provide dead wildlife removal, thorough clean up and odor elimination that offers lasting results.

Decontamination / Odor Control
Decontamination / Odor Control

Clean up using biodegradable deodorizers to remove hazardous matter left behind from wildlife.

Attic Restoration
Attic Restoration

An attic can be destroyed by wildlife. We can restore your attic to its original condition.

What Our Clients Say

Recently we heard an animal making noises in our Chimney so we called Eric from Gray Brothers. They were able to come soon after I called and they were calm, insightful and fearless. He was wonderful to work with and needless to say, I highly recommend Gray Brothers Wildlife moving forward. Everyone should have Eric on their Emergency list!

Madeline • Greenwich, CT

After noticing that we had a woodchuck living under our front steps, I called Eric and he was very helpful; answered all my questions and told me exactly what he was going to do. It only took two days and now the woodchuck has a new home. Thank you Eric!


They were great. Just coming back from another emergency job and got to me in about an hour. They caught the squirrel in 10 minutes without disturbing anything in my house. It wasn't easy!
Gray Brothers Wildlife is a 5 star operation!

Berrin Snyder

I called several animal control people. One of the insect control people suggested I call Eric, from Gray Brothers Wildlife in Norwalk. They gave me great advice. Eric came with his bag of goodies and that same day, we had our critter ready to be relocated, humanly and safely. Thank-you Eric!

Ben & Teresa • Stratford, CT


We only use humane practices and find satisfaction in getting the job done right and solving your problem by using numerous state-of-the-art tools including:
Aerial Boomlift Certified
Drone Certified Technology
Field Camera Technology
Borescope Camera Technology
FLIR® Thermal Imaging



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NWCOA Bat Standards Compliant
Certified Basic Wildlife Control Operator
National Wildlife Control Operators Association
Occupational Safety and Health Administration Certificate
Certified Goose Management Professional
Certified Urban Marksman

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